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BoxRowSeat Was Built For One Thing:

Making it really, really simple to sell your extra ticket.

We'll handle credit card processing and secure ticket delivery for you.


Describe your ticket.

Create a new listing on BoxRowSeat and describe your digital ticket. You maintain complete ownership of it until it sells, and can un-list your ticket at any time in case you change your mind.

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Accept offers on your listing. Or not.

Let potential buyers make their best offer. Take it or leave it - it's entirely up to you.

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  • Limited. Buyers can only submit one offer per listing. This ensures you're getting their best offer the first time.
  • Immediate. When you accept an offer, your listing is sold and the buyer's credit card is charged immediately.
  • Optional. You're not required to accept any offers, and your listing is even still available to be purchased for full price at any time.
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Add the link to your Craigslist ad.

Safer, faster and more secure. No more baby-sitting your inbox.

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  • Secure. No more sharing your personal email address or account information with strangers.
  • Safe. No more meeting strangers on the street with a pocketful of cash.
  • Simple. No more going back and forth with "interested" buyers who never pan out.
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Share the link with your Facebook friends.

1-click ticket buying from anyone on Facebook. You like this.

  • Simple. First person to buy the ticket, gets it and downloads it immediately.
  • Safe. Your personal information is never shared with buyers. Even those "acquaintances" on your Friends List.
  • Shareable. Your friends have friends that may be interested in the ticket. They can re-share your link to their wall easily, instantly giving your ticket a better chance of selling.
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Tweet the link to your Twitter followers.

No DM's, @'s or RT's necessary. #awesome

  • Simple. First person to buy the ticket, gets it and can download it immediately.
  • Safe. Your personal information is never shared with buyers. Especially "HotJen69XXX" that just started following you today.
  • Guaranteed. No meeting a stranger in an alley. More importantly, no more "no shows" by a stranger.
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Email the link to your group of friends.

It's not "first to reply", it's "first to buy".

  • Fair. First person to buy the ticket gets the ticket and can download it immediately.
  • Simple. No more waiting on your (always late) friend to show up. They download and print their own ticket instantly.
  • Quick. Last minute change of plans? Unload your ticket quickly.
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They download the ticket immediately.

Your personal information remains personal.


You get paid.

It's free to post your ticket for sale. No setup fees, no monthly fees, no maintenance fees.

When your tickets sell, we transfer your cash to you, minus
a small fee. There's never a fee if your tickets don't sell.

It's free to post your ticket. Only pay after it sells.

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